Hope Springs, The Hope Project

Yasmin Kahn, Director Location TBD Near Ashville, N.C.

Yasmin lives in Wasilla, Alaska and spent over ten years in Tallahassee, Florida. As a young woman she has spent over fifteen years in children and youth ministry, pastoral assisting, has a beautiful worship voice, and has ministered to women especially teaching them valuable Biblical principles and life skills.

The Lord has recently put an area near Asheville, N.C. where she hopes to move, live and begin a ministry she is calling Hope Springs, which will be an umbrella under “The Hope Project” ministries organization. The spring of 2020 I intend to travel with her there, to check out the area, meet with potential part2ners, prayer walk, and support her next steps in this process. The following is her vision statement.

“They’re safe. Now what? Starting over with no life skills and little to no education can lead to a dead-end job and sometimes re-entry into trafficking or sex work to survive. Our goal at Hope Springs is to equip women in need with basic life skills as well as the education to not only survive but to thrive. To help them come into deeper relationship with the Lord and learn to lean on Him when times are hard.” Yasmin Kahn, Founder Hope Springs

CRM is currently raising donor, in-kind donations & advisory support for this project which will be a home/facility between Charlotte and Asheville North Carolina..

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