Tessa Treu Quirindongo

We met over a decade ago…

Since then she and I have cried, laughed and prayed together through the years. She has recently married a wonderful man and continues to be passionate about family unity, evangelism, teaching and especially ministering to “first mothers.”

For those who may be unfamiliar with the first mother term, this is a mother who has placed a child up for adoption. Tessa works to Advocate with social service organizations and is available to pray with and minister to first mothers, adoptive mothers and others who are part of post care to foster relationships through Spiritual, mental health, trauma and grief support.

She also is an active member with Bethany Christian services and is also a mentor with Cinderella Released Ministries outreach and mission care program. She is an advocate with United Abolitionists, (formerly Florida Abolitionists) a nationwide organization in Orlando that works helping stop labor and sex-trafficking. She and I work together to love and support each other and other ministries and organizations where healing and unconditional love are needed.

#Socialjustice #FirstMothers #FosterCare #HumanTrafficking

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